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Cultivating Inner Peace: A Sustainable System For Professional Black Women

In a world where women balance so many demands that we often feel overwhelmed and disconnected, Dr. Akhu's time-tested program makes it easy to draw in the positive, clear out the negative, and use even small windows of time to foster mindfulness, clarity and joy in our daily lives, building better relationships with ourselves and others.

What People Are Saying:

I enjoyed this book a great deal. It's a must read for anyone that want to give of themselves and maintain their self worth. The book highlight ways to decrease stress and heighten personal energy. Men can benefit from the book as well. Each chapter gives self help and improve self development while learning to replenish inner peace. Peace of mind is hard to find. This book is the glass of water in the middle of the desert. It will quench your thirst for a sustainable system for personal transformation

Sammie Kirkland