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Explore a collection of engaging and insightful talk excerpt videos showcasing Dr. Akhu's speaking style. Discover snippets of her empowering messages, tailored for busy individuals seeking stress management strategies and support, especially designed for Black women. Watch to get a glimpse into her approach and gain valuable insights to help you navigate life's challenges with ease.
As Black women, there is an expectation from us to show constant strength and self-sufficiency. We need to be strong for our families. We have to keep going for everyone. Because of this, we often suppress or neglect our own feelings. This is unhealthy. In fact, it's toxic and could have devastating effects on our bodies. We need to allow ourselves to fully experience and process our emotions. However, it is equally important not to let our emotions completely control and dictate our actions or state of mind. It is not about suppressing or denying emotions but rather finding a healthy balance between experiencing them and maintaining control
Let's be honest, being a mom is difficult. Being a mom is exhausting. We do so much for our families that we often struggle to find opportunities for rest. We carry so many responsibilities, juggle so many roles, and tend to so many demands. Yes, being a mom is rewarding and fulfilling, but we can be honest with ourselves and say that it's also very draining. Motherhood is a demanding and challenging role that requires a significant amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy. The responsibilities of caring for children, managing household tasks, and balancing work and other commitments are exhausting. It is natural and normal for us to feel tired as a result. And it is OK to feel exhausted even if you are not a mom or actively parenting. We are allowed to feel this way. There is no shame in admitting it. And there is no shame in giving ourselves permission to rest.
I want to talk about forgiveness going beyond the simple act of forgiving others. Today, I want us to remember that forgiveness is also claiming back our personal power. When we forgive other people, we have to remember that it's not a sign of weakness or that we are okay with the pain inflicted upon us. Instead, let us recognize that it is a conscious choice to let go of resentment. With this mindset shift, we can see that forgiveness is a means of re-empowering ourselves.
My approach: Transforming stress into strength for busy professionals and Black women. Let's prioritize self-care that's practical, affordable, and empowering.
Understanding the misconceptions surrounding ADHD is crucial for fostering a more inclusive and empathetic society. By educating ourselves, we can break down stigmas and promote greater understanding and support for individuals living with ADHD. Let's challenge the myths, dispel the stereotypes, and strive for a society that embraces neurodiversity. This clip is taken from my live event where I talk about the misconceptions surrounding ADHD. You can watch the full video here:    • ADHD: Misconceptions and Facts