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Dr. Akhu's New Book!

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Cultivating Inner Peace:
A Sustainable System for Professional Black Women

A Quick and Simple Guide to Inner Peace

Thursday June 6th, 6:30pm - 8:00pm at Westchester Community College

Training & Speaking

Dr. Akhu is a prolific speaker, facilitator and trainer. She specializes in self-care and stress management.

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Dr. Akhu's Blog

Dive deeply into the world of healing, self-love, self-knowlege, and self-care  to elevate your life and achieve your goals. 


Dr. Akhu is a former president of the New York Association of Black Psychologists. Learn more about her background and experience here.


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"‚ÄčThank you for your patience, forgiveness and loving energy. It has been such a blessing learning from you, growing with you and doing community work in partnership with you. You are a gateway to power for yourself and others."

Shawnee Renee Benton
CEO & Founder, Spirit of a Woman Leadership Development Institute

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