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How to reach Dr. Akhu

Discovery Call
If you are genuinely interested in collaborating with me, I encourage you to schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call.
You may also send me an email at [email protected]¬†



Acclaimed Educator
Experience + Passion

Personalized content to suit your event format and attendees. Her #1 goal is to make you look GREAT and have your audience thank YOU for inviting Dr. Akhu to speak with them!
Interviews & Appearances
Dr. Akhu transforms interviews and appearances into unforgettable experiences. With a unique blend of expertise and relatability, Dr. Akhu captivates audiences, leaving them not just inspired, but equipped with practical tools to navigate challenges and cultivate inner peace.
Your audience will be instantly engaged and leave inspired and motivated with tools they can start using immediately to push past challenges and increase success!
As a moderator, Dr. Akhu keeps the panelist on task and synthesizes an avalanche of information into memorable bite-size nuggets helping the audience take away actionable wisdom.
Workshop Facilitator
Dr. Akhu enjoys tailoring workshops for new audiences or building custom experiences based on the group's needs.
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