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Sista Peace is for Black women who are overwhelmed, exhausted, and burdened. With Dr. Akhu's leadership, we support each other as we learn to get and stay grounded, centered, and energized. Pairing our spiritual gifts with authenticity, self-reflection, love, and mutual support together, we redefine what it means to be a Strong Black Woman. 


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Our Vision

To help one million Black women achieve inner peace. We provide innovative healing paradigms that inspire women throughout the diaspora to address their trauma, move past their fears, find joy and create sustainable inner peace.
Dr. Adwoa Akhu

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The Sista Peace Spiritual Family

The Sista Peace Spiritual Family is an exclusive space created specifically for Black women. Within these virtual walls, we dive into the challenges faced by Black women with a depth of understanding that comes from shared identity and sisterhood. It is a sanctuary where Black women can authentically express themselves, find solace, and uplift one another on their individual spiritual paths.
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