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The Sista PeaceĀ Spiritual Family

Welcome to the Spiritual Family, a sanctuary for Black women to gather, share, and uplift one another. Here, we embrace our journeys with love, authenticity, and unwavering support. Our community is more than just a gathering place; it's a safe haven where we can lay down our burdens and find solace in knowing that we are not alone.

The picture above was taken last March 30th, 2024 when we had our first in-person meeting with theĀ Spiritual Family's founding membersĀ at Harbor Park in Larchmont, NY.

Our time together was truly special as we connected as a group. Here's a brief recap of our collective experience:

  • We started our gathering with warm embraces, setting the tone for a day filled with connection. Together, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll to the gazebo.
  • As a group, we delved into a thought-provoking exercise with the black angel card deck, sparking meaningful reflections and discussions among us.
    We explored the significance of the chosen cards by sharing our interpretations and diving into the accompanying book pages.
  • Our walk along the park's length provided ample opportunity for heartfelt conversations and getting to know one another on a deeper level.
  • Gathered around a bench, we shared an inspiring devotional from the Science of Mind Magazine, reminding us of our innate power to overcome challenges through consistent spiritual practices and ancestral resilience.
  • We concluded our meeting with another round of warm embraces, grateful for the bonds we share and the insights gained.

It was truly a lovely meeting, filled with laughter, learning, and love.

As Black women, we understand the unique challenges we face, and in this sacred space, we explore those moments together. From the trials to the triumphs, we weave our stories into a tapestry of strength, resilience, and love.

In the Spiritual Family, vulnerability is not a weakness but a courageous act of authenticity. Here, you can release the pressure of the "strong Black woman" stereotype and simply be yourself, embraced by a community that truly sees and understands you.

Whether you're ready to share your struggles or simply seeking comfort in knowing that others understand, know that you are welcomed with open arms. Join us in the Spiritual Family, where your voice is heard, your presence is valued, and your spirit is uplifted.

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