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Combine Mindfulness with This Habit

mindfulness Jan 31, 2022

Mindfulness is something you can practice anytime or anywhere. But I always recommend starting to practice mindfulness around food. I do this because, for many people, eating is an enjoyable part of their day, and I want you to associate mindfulness with fun! Besides that, there are a few other benefits, too…

Mindful eating helps you enjoy your food more. If you’ve ever eaten in front of the TV and couldn’t remember what your snack tasted like, you were a distracted eater. Most of the time, distracted eating means you didn’t enjoy your food or worse, you’re left still feeling hungry.

With mindful eating, you spend time focusing on the aroma, texture, and taste of your food. By the time you have finished, you feel like you’ve savored every morsel.

Besides enjoying your food, mindfulness also helps you eat less. When you plan to have a leisurely meal, you take your time and chew your food thoughtfully. You pause between bites and gauge whether you’re still hungry or not. With mindfulness, you’re eating less, but you’re enjoying your food more.

Another benefit is that you can appreciate company. That company may be a friend, family member, or only yourself. But with mindful eating, you’re not focused on your next portion. You’re taking time to savor both your food and the conversation. That makes mealtimes something precious that you look forward to each day.

Of course, eating mindfully doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% perfect. There will be days (a lot of them!) when you slip up and realize you’ve eaten while you were distracted. Don’t beat yourself up for these moments. Commit to trying again and go easy on yourself. You’re learning new habits, and that’s something to smile about!

Give mindful eating a try then send me a quick email about your experience.