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How to Be Present Right Now

staying present Oct 31, 2021

Living in the present takes practice. That might sound odd to you, but most people live in the future (worrying about what will happen) or the past (fretting over what did happen). It’s hard to be present. But there are a few things you can do right now…

 Check in with your body. The more you tune into your body, the easier it gets to become mindful. That’s because your body is your connection to the physical world. If you want to be fully present, starting with your body is a good idea. Do a body scan starting with your head, check your alignment, make corrections (sit up straight), check for tension, and relax your muscles. Are they tight with tension or loose and relaxed?


Look. Observe your environment for a moment. If you need to see it through fresh eyes, try counting the number of blue objects in the room or seeing how many similar objects such as pens or stickers that you can count.


Listen. Pause for a moment to listen to the sounds around you. What can you hear? Is there music playing? Are birds chirping? Can you hear the conversation from family or co-workers? Are notifications on your phone dinging?


Living in the present is easier said than done for most people. You might manage to be present for only a few seconds when you first start. However, don’t give up. The more you practice mindfulness, the more natural it will begin to feel, and you will gain more benefits and results from the process.

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