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7 Symptoms Associated with the Winter Blues

seasonal affective disorder winter blues Apr 30, 2022

Approximately 6% of those of us that live in the colder part of the U.S. suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). An additional 10-20% experience a mild form of the disorder or the "winter blues."

Most of the symptoms of SAD and milder winter blues are the same. What differentiates the two is the severity of the symptoms. If you experience the symptoms below during the cold dark time of the year, only you may have the winter blues, and if your symptoms are severe, you may have SAD.


Increased Fatigue

A lack of energy for no apparent reason may be your first indication that something is amiss. At the severe end of the spectrum, sufferers describe feelings of both mental and physical fatigue, and weighted feeling throughout the body that makes otherwise easy activities and tasks utterly exhausting.


Withdrawal From Life

Another common symptom is isolation from social activities and people. This may include a loss of interest in daily activities and favorite pastimes, or hobbies, or a lack of interest in sex or maintaining personal hygiene.


Lack of Focus

Issues with memory and concentration may also indicate SAD. Many describe this lack of focus as difficulties with remembering appointments to the more severe inability to make routine and straightforward decisions (i.e., what to wear or eat).


Sleep Difficulties

Sudden changes in sleep patterns—which can range from sleeping all the time (hypersomnia) to not sleeping at all (insomnia)—will often indicate an issue if health is otherwise good.


Disheartened & Deflated

An otherwise happy-go-lucky person may experience a severe shift in mood—for instance, feelings of self-loathing, worthlessness, hopelessness, and an all-around miserable outlook on life.



Many SAD sufferers complain of being on an emotional rollercoaster where one minute they are in tears, and the next minute they are overcome with anger. On a less severe scale, you may also feel agitated and restless, but not understand why or what to do to soothe this irritability.



Some SAD sufferers experience anxiety. This anxiety may range from mild restlessness to a severe form of stress and jitters that might turn into a complete inability to cope with life without professional help.

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