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How to Stop Being Distracted & Become Present

inner peace staying present Jun 30, 2021

I love helping people become more mindful during their days. But many people ask me the same question, “How can I stop being distracted and become present?”

What a great question! When you ask this question, I know you’re serious about becoming mindful. Unfortunately, there’s no one perfect answer. However, I do have a few suggestions for you….


Cut off your phone. The most significant source of distraction for most people is their smart device. That’s because it is always dinging with notifications, messages, and calls that take you out of the present.


You don’t have to give up all technology, but do consider shutting down for a few minutes each day. Even five minutes away from the noise can boost your mindfulness and make you calmer.


Step outside. Sometimes, just getting away from a noisy or crowded environment is enough to help. You don’t have to go far. Consider just walking down half a block or stopping over in your favorite park.

Can’t leave work? Ride the elevator to a different floor and wander around - leave your desk for a few minutes, and you’ll come back feeling more refreshed.


Chew a piece of gum or a sugar-free mint. One way to bring yourself to the present is to grab a stick of your favorite gum or a mint. Close your eyes, and start chewing. Pay attention to the flavor and texture of what you’re chewing. Notice the way it feels on your tongue. Savor the sweetness.


Distractions happen to everyone. The trick is learning how to overcome them and get back to being focused on the present.


I would love to hear some of your favorite ways of becoming present. Please share! If you want some other great ideas, try the Five Day Journey to Inner Peace, click HERE.