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How Will You Cultivate Inner-Peace This Year?

inner peace Mar 31, 2021

I have high hopes for 2021. I hope this will be a year that I get to hug my friends and family again. I believe that last year’s political and racial unrest will serve as a wake-up call to improve things starting this year. And I know that in 2021 I will have more opportunities to help, teach, and support people, especially people of color, individually and in groups.

Inner-peace is manifested beginning with our thoughts. Consider summoning a powerful 2021 by harnessing the power of your thoughts. Try, when you get up in the mornings, try repeating one of these affirmations to welcome more of what you want….


Today, I welcome calm into my day. This is a simple reminder to yourself and the universe that you’re ready and willing to be calm. No matter what comes during the day, return to this phrase as often as you need to.


Today, I welcome love in all its forms. If you’re looking for love, don’t close yourself off by thinking it can only come in a particular format. Love comes to you in many different ways through various people. Stay open to the possibility of connecting with someone else in an unexpected way.


Today, I welcome fun and spontaneity. If you’ve been feeling overworked and stressed out, this might be the perfect expression to speak over yourself. But don’t stop by merely repeating this affirmation. Actively begin looking for ways to incorporate spontaneity into your day. Can you pause to feel the sun on your face? Take a quick walk or call a loved one?


So now, the question is…what will you welcome this year? Start with today. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!