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Mastering Inner Peace Amidst the Hustle: A Glimpse into My Routine During an Extra Busy Week Working with the NYPD Emergency Response Unit

inner peace Dec 05, 2023

Preserving inner peace becomes more challenging the few weeks a year that I add training law enforcement to my already busy schedule. As The Inner Peace Doctor, I thought sharing how I maintain my inner peace when my schedule gets busier than usual might be helpful. 

This Training Is My Protest

I love my role as a mental health trainer for the NYPD Emergency Response Unit. What I do goes beyond teaching de-escalation skills; it involves delving into the realms of mental wellness and mental illness. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help police officers learn to better navigate high-stress situations through this education and intense training scenarios, working with fantastic actor trainers who bring my lectures to life. But adding two or three days to my already full schedule means I am working six days a week for the next two weeks! I do this a few times a year and always with inner peace because I have systems that help me manage the increased demands of my schedule so that I can ensure my mental and physical health remains intact. 

Prioritizing My Physical Well-being

A cornerstone of my routine is the prioritization of physical health. Acknowledging the demands of my role, I've embraced a healthy diet to fuel both body and mind. My journey to inner peace begins with a well-nourished body. To facilitate this, I've adopted the strategy of preparing meals in advance – my version of 'TV dinners' stored in the freezer, ready to go. This saves precious time and ensures I remain committed to a nutrient-rich diet. The meals are carefully curated, vegan, and oil-free and do not include processed foods. My approach to nutrition is intentional, fortifying my body against the rigors of my demanding profession.

Adapting My Workout Routine for Balance

Recognizing the need for flexibility in maintaining inner peace, I make deliberate adjustments to my workout routine. While marathon walks and weight training are my usuals, the demands of my schedule require adjustments. To stay physically fit, marathon walks become lunchtime walks, and resistance training gets replaced with a five-minute mobility routine.  Lunchtime walks serve as a rejuvenating break amid the intensity of my workday. These walks contribute to my physical well-being and provide a mental reset, allowing me to approach the afternoon with renewed focus. 

Additionally, morning mobility gets my blood flowing and gives me the burst of energy I love to get my day started with joy. The adaptability of this modified routine ensures that I continue to prioritize my physical health without compromising the demands of my profession. 

Mastering Time Management for Inner Peace

My schedule, filled with training sessions and engagements, demands a masterful approach to time management. Staying ahead of the curve, I meticulously plan my days and weeks. 

Ordering the fresh groceries I need online is a time-saving strategy that eliminates the need for physical visits to the store, allowing me to focus on more critical aspects of my work and personal life.

Similarly, the seemingly mundane tasks of ironing clothes and planning outfits beforehand contribute significantly to my overall peace of mind. Preplanning and deligating (yes, having groceries delivered is delegating) eliminate last-minute rushes and decisions, creating a foundation for inner peace.

Nurturing the Mind Through Routine

Beyond the physical aspects of self-care, I recognize the importance of nurturing my mind. Although doing any kind of educational work is my favorite thing to do as a psychologist, training the police is stressful. 

Therefore, before the day's chaos begins, I set aside time for meditation and reflection. This deliberate pause allows me to center myself, fostering a sense of inner calm that becomes the foundation for navigating the challenges that lie ahead. Whether a few moments of deep breathing or a more extended meditation session, this practice is non-negotiable in my quest for inner peace.

The Ripple Effect of Inner Peace

My commitment to maintaining inner peace is not a solitary endeavor; it extends beyond my personal well-being to influence those around me. Maintaining my inner peace during extra busy times is also helpful to my family. Although I am around a little less than usual during these weeks when I am home, my inner peace helps me be fully present and helps my family keep their inner peace.

In conclusion, I, Dr. Akhu, The Inner Peace Doctor, understand how a strategic and mindful approach to daily life can be a potent tool for maintaining equilibrium in the face of enormous demands on your time. Weeks like these remind me how important it is not just to talk and teach about stress management but to be a living example of maintaining our inner peace even when life is demanding. Seamlessly integrating these changes helps me maintain a harmonious balance between my well-being and meeting the challenges of my role with the NYPD Emergency Response Unit. By prioritizing physical health, mastering time management, embracing preparation, nurturing the mind, and fostering family connections, I've crafted a blueprint for inner peace that I love to share.