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Stay Present with Skincare

inner peace skincare staying present Jul 31, 2021

You know your skincare routine is a good way to be mindful? Most people have both a morning and an evening skin routine. This routine might be simple—like sunscreen, mascara, and lip gloss in the mornings. It could be more complex involving an array of products to keep your skin healthy.

The point isn’t how many products you use or don’t use. It’s all about using the time you spend nurturing your skin to be present. Here are a few ways you can do this…


Do a quick inspection. Before you add any products to your skin, take the time to really examine your skin. Are there any blemishes or spots that concern you? Does your skin look healthy and well moisturized? Or does it look dry and dull? Paying attention to your skin is a simple way to check in with your body.


Go with a mini massage. When you apply a product, slow down and feel your fingers connect with your skin. Use slow circles and massage the area as you work, taking note of any knots or tension. These might be signs that you need more relaxation in your days.


Pick products that delight you. As you’re going through your routine, think about the products you’re using. Are they making you happy? Or does the smell/color/taste gross you out? If there’s a product you’re regularly applying and you don’t like it, consider replacing it with another brand. It’s easier to stay present when you genuinely enjoy your skincare routine.

Use the time you spend caring for your skin as a reminder to be fully present in your life.


What is your skincare ritual?